Las Vegas, at the moment, is sort of a vampiric version of a fortress. This is a city currently at war. The Sabbat are circling the outskirts – run down suburbs, old warehouses, low-income neighborhoods full of minimum-wage casino employees, addicts and alcoholics, and all the cheesy commercial remnants of the mob-run gambling oasis of the 70’s that have been marginalized by a very deliberate corporatization of the city’s primary revenue sources.

They start fires, of a sort, and force the Camarilla to expend time, energy, and bodies to put them out.

The Camarilla has to cover up all of these breaches, these incidents that attempt to essentially pull back the covers on the vampiric existence.

It strains the Camarilla’s control of the media, hurts profits from their casinos and tourism, spreads law enforcement thin, and strikes at most vulnerable elements of both the kindred and kine communities.

The “establishment” vampires are trying to protect their holdings, consolidating power, etc. over the city center and the strip. In these eyes of the ruling castes, these are the only important parts of the city. The rest can burn to the extent that it doesn’t adversely affect their profits.

The corporations that own and operate these casinos are multinational Camarilla holdings. They launder money for very important individuals. A lot of attention is being paid to the city of Las Vegas, and as a result, there are many powerful kindred ‘visiting’ the city.

Drawing Dead: Las Vegas

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