April Foster

10th Generation True Brujah, Childe of "Adam"


“Forced by the pressure

The territories marked

No longer the pleasure

Oh, I’ve since lost the heart."

—Joy Division, “Candidate”

NAME: April Ursula Foster
ALIASES: Alexis Loria, Muriel Beckett
Embrace: 1998
10th Generation: True Brujah, Childe of “Adam”

NATURE: Curmudgeon
VIRTUE: um… Fortitude?
VICE: Wrath


STR: ●●●○○ CHA: ●●○○○ PER: ●●●●○
DEX: ●●●○○ MNP: ●●●●○ INT: ●●●●○
STA: ●●●○○ APR: ●●●●○ WTS: ●●●○○


Athl: ●●●○○ AnKn: ○○○○○ Acad: ●●○○○
Alrt: ●○○○○ Crft: ○○○○○ Comp: ●○○○○
Brwl: ●○○○○ Drve: ●●○○○ Finc: ●●●○○
Awrn: ○○○○○ Etqt: ●●●●○ Invs: ●●○○○
Empa: ●●●○○ Fira: ●●○○○ Law: ○○○○○
Expr: ●●○○○ Mlee: ●●○○○ Tech: ○○○○○
Intm: ●●○○○ Perf: ○○○○○ Mdcn: ●●●○○
Lead: ○○○○○ Lrcn: ●○○○○ Occl: ●○○○○
Stws: ○○○○○ Stlh: ●○○○○ Polt: ●○○○○
Subt: ●●○○○ Surv: ○○○○○ Scin: ●○○○○


POTENCE: ●●●○○
Auspex: ●●○○○
Dominate: ●●○○○
Fortitude: ●●●○○
Obtenebration: ●●○○○
Creo Ignem: ●●●○○
Rego Aquam: ●●○○○
Rego Motis: ●●●○○

Health: 7 (Receives half ‘bashing’ damage. Bullet damage treated as ‘bashing’)
Willpower: 8
Initiative: 6
Bloodpool: 13 (Can spend 1 point/round)

Humanity: 4
Conscience: ●●○○○
Courage: ●●○○○
Self-control: ●●●●○

Temporis – Hyper-acute time sense.
Taint of Corruption
Language: French
Language: Japanese
Language: Italian
Derangement: Dormant Hydrophobia
Derangement: Paranoia


April Foster is a Vampire of the sect called the Camarilla. She was created during a surge of Sabbat violence that swept the city of New Orleans in the summer of 1998. Her unsolicited creation, an ordinarily forbidden act (in accordance with the Camarilla’s ‘Tradition of Creation’), occurred due to the chaos in the city at the time. Also, due to the city-wide strife, in her fledgling year, Foster survived violent encounters with both Sabbat and Camarilla vampires alike, as well as human hunters, US government investigators, Werewolves, and at least one unidentified supernatural entity. Her strides against torpor and destruction in the face of such punishment make her a considerably experienced Vampire given her neophyte stage of existence. She has even overcome being staked at one point which is a legendary feat ascribed only to a handful of kindred that are many centuries old. These early ordeals with such a diversity of supernatural dangers has exacerbated a paranoia experienced in mortal life (brought on by a stalker) into a much more acute dysfunction. At any given time, Foster is convinced that numerous supernatural beings are hunting and surveilling her.

Mortal History:

- Born April Ursula Foster 1/16/75 to Martin and Elizabeth Foster.
Sister Alexis is born 5 years later.
- Wealthy Bridgeport, Connecticut family. Mother has old money (Loria). Father was a prominent vascular surgeon (Beth-Israel, NY).
- Nearly drowned along with her father when she was 6 years old (4/27/81). A boating accident off of the Maine coast killed her father and traumatized young April. She has since suffered from moderate hydrophobia (she fears large bodies of water; ponds, swimming pools, lakes and the ocean, etc.). Her fear of bodies of water is most acute when the bottom cannot be seen.
- Attended private school, Bridgeport Catholic Girls Academy K-12. 4 Years at NYU, pre-med (graduated with Honors). Enrolled in John’s Hopkins for a graduate program in Immunology for the fall of 1998. Never attended.

Vital Stats:

Height – 5’8.5” [174cm]
Weight (while alive) – 123 lbs. [56kg]
Vampiric Weight (dead) – 119 lbs. [54kg]
Eyes – Green
Hair – dark brown, straight [length now perpetually reaches the lower back, has ceased to grow. Hair ‘growth’ occurs when it is cut short or damaged – effects of vampirism are shown to restore hair (and all other tissues) to the state present during/just before death.]
Blood type – O Positive

In life, Foster had mild anemia, moderate allergies to animal dander and severe plant allergies; poison oak and sumac, lavender, most roses, and certain grasses.
While living she possessed slight near-sightedness and wore low-prescription lenses. Her vampirism has since corrected and in fact enhanced her sight well beyond the ability of any human being. However, Foster still often opts to wear prescriptionless lenses to better pass for human.

Psychological Profile:

Beginning in the fall of 1996, at age 21, April began receiving unwanted telephone calls and correspondence from and unidentified man. The stalker would spy upon her, burglarize her domicile and steal her possessions (underwear, jewelry, perfume, shampoo, etc.), and inspect her garbage. The authorities (NYPD, BPD, NOPD) were never able to identify or restrain the suspect (see EMBRACE for further information). Suspect never identified himself.

Her experience with the stalker in mortal life, along with her early trials in New Orleans make her an unfeeling, paranoid, and distrustful individual. April also experiences disassociation phases in which she writes off her entire existence as a ‘bad dream’, a fantasy that cannot possibly be real. She tends to lash out violently instead of emotionally when under intense pressure.

Embrace – 08 AUG 98, (23:13:54)
April’s Temporis allows her to remember the precise instant of her death.

SIRE: ‘Adam’ – True Brujah, 9th Generation. Age unknown. Reasons and motivation for embracing April are unknown. Adam is a known consort to the Tremere of New Orleans, specifically the elder vampire Alex Murphy. The evening of April’s embrace also marks the murders of her uncle, Giuseppe Loria (Mother’s side) and sister Alexis, presumably the culprit was her stalker. Both murders and April’s embrace took place in her uncle’s house outside of New Orleans. It is suspected that April’s stalker is Kindred and would have embraced/killed her that evening and ‘Adam’ was in some way wise or sympathetic to the incident and chose to perhaps prevent the intercession of the obsessor. However Foster herself presumes an alternate theory that the man who has stalked her and the man who embraced her are the same person. The details of the evening are difficult for Foster to recall and there are no other known witnesses to the events of that evening. Adam’s ‘heroism’ on behalf of Ms. Foster may have been staged. April was later presented to the Prince of New Orleans (as is customary in Kindred society) by a member of the Brujah clan, Morgan Kell. Ms. Foster’s sire never assumed responsibility for her and Morgan Kell, an ancient and powerful vampire, became her de facto mentor. It is most likely that no one aside from April Foster’s sire is aware of her actual clan status.

April Foster

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